What is fitsera?

fitsera.com is an online change room which takes the guessing work out of figuring out your T-shirt size so you can shop on the web without worrying about ordering the wrong size!

How do we do it?

fitsera.com searches through a database of T-shirt measurements from different brands to calculate which brand sizes will fit you in a similar way given the size of your favorite brand T-shirt.

Why you should do it?

Its free and buying clothes online comes with a big risk - having to return the item and ship it back. Why do so many online buyers return their clothes? Because without being at a physical store, online shoppers are often forced to guess their size or stick to the boring brands they already know. As everyone knows every clothing brand is unique in size and each fit differently. Since fitsera.com is able to search for your perfect size using the stored measurements of different brands you can shop with confidence knowing that fitsera.com’s recommended sizes will fit you right!